Hunter Scientific


Pasteur Pipettes

Hunter Scientific Pasteur Pipettes are available in both Borosilicate and Soda glass, in either 150mm or 230mm lengths and uniquely fire polished to provide ultra smooth tips.

Hunter Pasteurs undergo a rigorous multi-stage washing process; they are dried, 100% inspected, sterilised and packed in superior primary and secondary packaging.

A synthetic non-cotton material is used for the plugged versions, which avoids cotton or fibre contamination.

Hunter Pasteur’s are Class IIa CE Marked Medical Devices and benefit from a Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA), Human Sperm Motility Assay (HSMA) and Limulus Amebocyte lysate (LAL)”.

Hunter Scientific Pasteur Pipette and Bulb Certificates of Analysis – available to download.