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April - June 2016
Click on the above ESCO Miri Flyer to see a full scale version on the ESCO website.

The new Esco Miri is a revolution in form and functionality for CO2 incubators for in vitro fertilization (IVF). With 6 chambers, the Miri is a multi-room incubator that allows users to access their cultures in one chamber without affecting the neighboring chambers. Thus, the harmful effects of fluctuations in temperature and gas caused by frequent incubator access are avoided.

Built specifically to equip IVF laboratories and clinics to provide the best standards of care, it boasts a unique set of features that cannot be found elsewhere.

  • 6 completely separate heating chambers for safe and secure handling of your embryos
  • Total capacity of up to 48 standard culture dishes
  • All chamber and lid temperatures are independently adjustable
  • Direct heat transfer allows for <1 minute temperature recovery
  • Heated Lid prevents condensation and enhances temperature regulation and recovery
  • Separate CO2 and O2 regulation, expensive mixed gases not required!
  • Air quality is continuously cleaned by HEPA/VOC filters, and UV light.
  • Stackable.

All in all, the Esco Miri Multi-Room CO2 Incubator is the perfect choice for routine embryo culture for any IVF clinic.

Click on the above ESCO Miri Brochure to see a full scale version on the ESCO website.

ESCO Semi-closed Environment ICSI

Maximum Performance and Quality Control of your procedures

Semi Closed Environment (SCE) takes the controlled environment from your incubators to previous procedures in the laboratory workflow. We believe that maximum control of the environment throughout the entire ART procedure is beneficial and will lead to better outcome.With the SCE product line, you can now perform microscopy and ICSI with a stable, controlled, and monitored CO2 and temperature inside the working area.



  • Digital inverted microscope (Zeiss objectives): 4x, 20x and 40x. Manual motorized focus/zoom.


  • Digital inverted microscope (Zeiss objectives): 4x, Manual motorized focus/zoom.

Key Benefits of both systems:

  • 3 incubator compartments with access from the front (inside the working area) and from the back (outside the working area).
  • Pre-installed stereo microscope or micromanipulator (based on your requirements).
  • Heated zones on the work area.
  • CO2 controlled environment separately monitored in the working area and the 3 incubator compartments.
  • VOC filtering of the air in the incubators and the large working area.
  • Data Logger software with full insight of temperature and gas conditions.

V-DENUPET, a precise microtool for denuding and pipetting of Oocytes and Embryos

V-DENUPET is one of the most precise microtools for the manipulation and transfer of oocytes and embryo. With German engineering precision, we guarantee our clients the best quality. V-DENUPET manufactures under ISO class 6 cleanroom standard. Since we are stringent with quality parameters, manufacturing process is controlled at 5 stages.

Product features

  • Made out of high medical grade polymers which gives it flexibility and enables easy handling and avoids scratches on the petri dishes
  • As the product guarantees accurate sizes, it minimizes the risk of oocyte degeneration
  • Different color codes for easy identification of the sizes
  • Packed as 5x 10 pipettes
  • Gamma sterilized
  • MEA and LAL tested
  • Human Sperm Survival Assay

Product sizes

Denuding Pipettes for Oocyte/Embryo: 125, 135, 140, 150, 175 and 200 µm - $227.50 box/50

Manipulation Pipettes for Blastocyst: 275 and 300 µm - $227.50 box/50

Manipulation Pipettes for Oocytes-Cumulus Complex: 600 µm - $227.50 box/50

The V-Series


  • Short taper
  • Long parallel wall section
  • Standard tip to elbow length (550 μm)


  • Smooth control of sperm injection and cytoplasm suction
  • May reduce cytoplasm draw back when breaking oocyte membrane
  • Designed for less damage to oocyte
  • Increased likelihood of better fertilisation and embryo development
  • Multiple sperm can be loaded and injected
Click on the above Wallace V-Series Brochure to see a full scale version on the Wallace website
Pasteur Pipettes

Hunter Scientific Pasteur Pipettes are made of Borosilicate glass which can be gamma irradiated (safest method for embryos) without going brown. They are also fire polished which reduces hydrocarbons in the lab.
They are available plugged or unplugged, plugs are made of soda not cotton so that fibres do not enter the media and lastly they are available in two lengths 15cm and 23cm.

Plugged Pasteur Pipettes $156.80 box/100
Unplugged Pasteur Pipettes $145.60 box/100

CR-SC - Cryotop®-SC (10 pcs)

Cryotop®-SC is the evolution for Closed Systems of the successful Cryotop® vitrification device, this time using a completely closed and sealed straw where the Cryotop®-SC will remain without coming into contact with the liquid nitrogen.

Cryotop®-SC provides the same results of the Open System, thanks to its outstanding cooling and warming rates, the fastest in the market

Cryotop®-SC has been redesigned to offer the easiest loading and insertion process thanks to its new cone-shaped junction between the film strip and the plastic handle and the widened entrance of its straw cap

Cryotop®-SC new design offers as well a security mark on the handle to ensure the loading on the right side of the strip

  • Available in five different colours
  • $301.00 pack of 10 pieces
  • Storage at room temperature
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